Division One
Dundee A are the winners of Division One; with seven wins, one draw and no loses. Castlehill B finished in second place with St Andrews University A in third place. Glenrothes B finished last and will be relegated next season. In second last position was Dundee B, who will take the other relegation place next season.

Division Two
Castlehill D are the winners of Division Two, with six wins, one draw and one loss. In second place was St Andrews University B. Castlehill D will be promoted to Division One next season. St Andrews University B will take the second promotion place.

  • 27/05/14: Minutes from AGM 2014 can be download here (pdf).
  • 10/04/14: JR Chalmers Grand Prix: Andrew Burnett (2248) from Glenrothes Chess Club is the new JR Chalmers Grand Prix Winner 2013-14! here
  • 11/02/14: JR Chalmers Grand Prix update: David Findlay from Dundee CC leads on 13½ points going into the last quarter of the season. here
  • 03/02/14: TAFCA One day Allegro: Stephen Hogg takes the title for the 2nd year in a row!  6/02/14:Full Report
  • 01/02/14: (09:51hrs) TAFCA Allegro Championship Sunday 2nd February. Entries so far
  • 23/12/13 JR Chalmers Grand Prix update including the TAFCA Individual results! here.
  • Andrew Burnett wins the TAFCA Individual 2013-14! TAFCA Individual  
  • 11/12/13 Updated JR Chalmers Grand Prix Leaderboard here.
  • 11/12/13 TAFCA Individual entries so far TAFCA Individual   Remember you get double points for the JR Chlamers GP event in the TAFCA Individual!
  • 16/09/13 Dates for the TAFCA Individual & the TAFCA Allegro have now been confirmed. Please make a date in your diary for both events.
    TAFCA Individual   (with entry form);  TAFCA Allegro